Friday, March 8, 2013

Closing the Door, You Leave the World Behind

I've been hiding. Whaaaaat?

Yes, I was hiding all last year. If I had been blogging, I would have been complaining about the hardships of life and school, and I just couldn't do that to you all. So here I find myself wondering, "Where are we?"

Texting and Facebook are out of control, kids watch way too many R-rated films, One Direction is worshiped by 10-year-old-girls, and Michael Jackson died  3 1/2 years ago.

Okay, I think we're caught up.

Today in class, we were going over a page in the students' homework about similes. The similes were started for them, and they had to finish it. For example:

As tall as a ______________
As smart as _____________
As cold as ______________

When I called on a student that said, "As cold as ice," I couldn't help myself. I felt it swelling inside of me. I couldn't stop the surge. I broke into song: "You're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice....[trails off]."

The students looked at my crazy eyes with confusion, and maybe some fear that I had completely lost it. I told them, "It's a song! Have any of you heard it?" I knew damn well that there were no Foreigner fans in the audience. Not one student had heard the song, so...yes, I did it. I plugged my iPhone into the speaker and played them the first minute or so of the song.

I am an educator. My job is to educate and I feel it is necessary for future generations to know that Foreigner DID actually write some songs that weren't just about getting drunk.

I hope everyone out there is navigating their way through these times that move at light speed and lack Foreigner fans.

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

The opposite of hate is love. One of the things that love being a dedicated and caring and hard working educator. That is what you are Sally. :)

LLC said...

Sally -

Though I'm not a Foreigner fan, I can certainly remember how much more of an impact that my "spontaneous" teachers had on me than their stoic counterparts. Ms. Hamm, my 4th grade teacher, was especially vocal, and often broke out in song or impersonations. Keep doing what you're doing. You're making an impact. :)

- AC

phyllis said...

Good work Sally. We must defend classic rock at all turns, although what category Foreigner falls into I know not. I do know that I had to defend Janis Joplin and the grateful dead in the parking lot at school last week two blocks away from Haight street! There was a young man who swore he didn't know who they were. Imagine.

Unknown said...

Sally, you are doing important work. One Direction can kiss my full figured, middle aged, 70s rocking' behind. It's important that we have educators like you expanding these precious young minds.

You're holding back the tide with a teacup, and we all love you for it!!!